If you are planning to move house, packing up the contents of your home and transporting them to your new one can be stressful. Never fear – your eXpert Man and Van will be there to help get you away on time and will be proficient at loading the van so belongings are safe and secure! We also suggest you consider packing a Priority Box when moving. With a little extra planning in advance of the move, your Priority Box, as its name implies, is to carry items you will need immediately on your arrival at your new home. Ideally it will travel with you, too! Let’s take a look at some suggestions for what you may wish to include.

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Preparing a Priority Box When Moving

If you are moving alone, you will only need a box large enough for your own items. If you are packing for others moving with you, there will inevitably be a few extras. Below is a way to select items which will be essential to you up on arrival. Others which are recommended and finally those we think you will find desirable.

Essential Things to Remember!

  • The keys to your new property.
  •  Your address book with useful numbers of eXpert Man and Van, other useful contacts and perhaps the telephone number of the agency or vendor of the property you are moving into.
  • Any medications you and/or others are taking. A copy of prescriptions is always good idea to have handy. If your medications will soon be due for renewal, it’s worthwhile to stock up in advance from your current doctor/pharmacy. Medical records, especially those connected to current illnesses, should be accessible in this box, in case of emergencies.
  • Academic and professional qualifications should be kept in a special box and if space, a dedicated file for them, in this box, may be the best place. Considering the size of your important documents you may prefer not to fold them. So good practice is to have a box of at least A4 size for this items.
  • Driving licences and Passports (including pet passports) need to be stored very carefully. Also, chequebooks and bank cards are likely to be handy and secure in a handbag or wallet. However, if you are moving with several people, these may simply be too small. In this instance, a locked Priority Box will be a good place to keep things together.
  • And finaly (perhaps the most important) Money. Either in the form of hard cash, bank cards or other form of currency, you better keep this handy.

Recommended Items to Remember

  • A simple first aid kit and small set of simple tools, handy for a journey or immediately for use on arrival, can take up space in the box but do ensure you have them handy in an emergency!
  • A small flashlight is also a good idea, particularly if you are travelling at night.
  • Battery charging cables & chargers for mobile telephones and cables for laptops are also handy to keep together in this box.
  • In winter, a flask of hot tea, or coffee can be most welcome. In the summer though, cool drinks are usually welcome, too. And of course, travelling with children may require you to have snacks and drinks suitable for them
  • Priority Box When MovingBabies and toddlers often have their own special needs bags. You would need to think about all feeding bottles, drinks, nappies, baby wipes, creams, soothers, a change of clothes and ofcoarse toys. None of these are usually included in the Priority Box. However, you may want to split a few of these items between a ‘Baby Bag‘ and your Priority Box when moving!
  • Plastic binbags to collect rubbish are handy for the journey and on arrival. Cleaning wipes and tissues as well as a spare toilet roll are also good things to put in your  Priority Box.
  • Snacks for the journey can be a great help en route and save a ‘pit stop’ to satisfy hunger. Easy to remove and eat snacks, such as fruit, ready made sandwiches and a selection of nibbles, maybe even chocolate, may be much appreciated! It is recommended you load these fresh items last in the box before you depart to keep things fresh and fruit ‘unbruised’ for as long as possible!

Desirable Things to Remember

  • Regardless of the time of day you are travelling, it will make life easier for your first night in your new home if you have a set of pyjamas and maybe even slippers – as well as a towel.
  • In cold weather, a hot water bottle can be a great comfort. Especialy if you arrive to find your new house is cold. Make a note of where your electric kettle is, if you have no space to put it in your Priority Box when moving.
  • If you are travelling with children, a portable DVD player or tablet can be a great way to keep them content and entertained. A portable MP3 player may even help keep children busy on arrival at your new home, especially when you are certainly going to be preoccupied with the demands of setting up for your first day/night there! Nowadays a smartphone could do all of these functions.
  • Books, magazines and newspapers can also be a good distraction and children of any age will appreciate you packing their favourite games!

Considering Your Pets

Experienced pet owners will understand that carrying a bottle of water and a bowl will be necessary. Pets can also suffer stress as they are receptive to change and don’t always like it!

They too will welcome a snack and should also have a ball or favourite toy to hand. Even obedient dogs, who frequently travel with you without a lead, may need to be held on one or tied up whilst the car or eXpert Man and Van unloads the your items!

For this reason, dog owners may find an extra length of rope useful to attach to the dog lead. Moreover, it means that, your pet can be secured outdoors whilst the doors to your new home remain open. Remember that pets will need time to get used to their new abode and this is a simple way to prevent them from running off!

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