The team at eXpert Man and Van are used to handling all sorts of unusual items and oddly shaped pieces of furniture! So, rest assured, if you need help for moving awkward items or furniture. We will be able to not only fit it in the vehicle, but help you with advice on how to pack it!

Just call us and let us know what you need. From swinging bird cages to aquariums and pianos. eXpert Man and Van has seen them all! Below are some tips to help you prepare for moving your unusual items.

Alive and/or Fragile?

Moving Awkward Items - Pets

From huge plants to fragile sculptures or chandeliers – packing is the key. It is better to be well prepared for packing and the materials you use for it. It is indeed of a paramount importance. First of all, if the item needs cleaning before packing, it is best to be done in advance on your own premises. Nevertheless, you can also sent it away for specialist cleaning.

If you are transporting aquariums or cages, it may be necessary to house your creatures separately. Although, you may also consider allowing extra time for animals to be cared for. For example, until the day after you have moved in. This will allow time for you to prepare the tank or cage and have everything ready for when pets arrive to join you in your new home.

Plants may need extra support or perhaps even pruning before loading for transportation. Cacti may require extra materials to cover spines which can inflict pain on carriers. It is best to not water plants immediately before transportation, especially when water can leak or pots become heavier to lift. Read more tips for moving house plants.

Delicate Items

Some delicate items including musical instruments may have designer carrying cases of their own. For example cellos, violins and even harps! Extra packing inside may be advisable to prevent them from moving inside their cases during transportation. The easiest way for this be done, is simply by using some extra packing materials, dusters, bubble wrap. In absence of those you can even use rolled up tissue. All of this for sure will help fix them in position.

Pianos, for sure can be the most awkward items to move. Lids should be in the down or closed position and often lids can be locked too, which is a good idea. On most pianos, the music display shelf is hinged and can be folded away. This is a good idea to prevent accidental scratches, in case the wooden structure swinging against the main body of the instrument Pianos are usually moved on casters and your eXpert Man and Van team will take this into account!

Though not always delicate, rocking chairs can be awkward items to move too. Once again, your eXpert team of movers, will know how to handle this, ensuring your chair remains static for the journey.

Moving Antiques

Moving Awkward ItemsSome antiques can be structurally fragile and others more robust than some contemporary pieces. Grandfather clocks are a good example which require careful handling. Its moving parts will be secured within the unit itself. Ornate clock faces are often covered in glass and wooden cases are usually strong. However, very old wood which is dry can also be brittle and sometimes may have warped.

Other antique furniture may be upholstered, sprung, embroidered, varnished or painted. Each individual item will require covering and protecting with appropriate materials. For example, you can use simple dust sheets to blankets, as well as bubble wrap, or even made to measure crates!

If in doubt about whether you should clean or secure any parts prior to collection, it is recommended you seek professional advice. The team at eXpert Man and Van will have all the answers to your questions or, at the very least, will know who you should ask. Try to not leave your concerns to the last minute!

Packing Carpets

Important to remember is that, tapestries, drapes and carpets, are all best rolled up and covered in paper, or plastic sheeting. Evenmore, when dimensions match. For example, if you have two carpets measuring the same, it is advised to store and transport individually, rather than putting one on top of the other before rolling.

Apart from being lighter to carry individually, once you arrive at your new home, you may wish to place them in different rooms or work one room at a time and delay setting up another. It will most certainly, be more convenient to work with them this way, when they are tied and wrapped separately.

Glass and Mirrors

Remember, antique glass cabinets are unlikely to have been made with ‘safety glass’ panels. Antique mirrors are also likely to be less robust than modern mirrors though the frames may be stronger and made of solid wood, sometimes with a solid wood backing!

Both cabinets and mirrors may benefit from a layer of cling film before wrapping. Clean the surfaces prior to putting on the film so any grains of dust won’t become trapped and scratch the surface. Bubble wrap will offer substantial protection without too much extra weight!

Help is At Hand!

One thing you should always remember is that you never have to go through any of the packing and moving process on your own. eXpert Man and Van offers a comprehensive, end to end service, meaning that you’ll have fewer things to worry about when it comes to moving awkward items on the go.

It is true, that we all have a few strange, or unwieldy items, that often seem difficult, or a major hassle to get moved. Many of us, sadly, decide to give these away or even to dispose of them altogether. Providing you have room for them at your new home, you can always rely on your eXpert Man and Van to take care of it all for you.

Therefore, whether you have a baby grand or an ornate Welsh dresser, you can still trust us to take care of them. Moreover, we can reassure you that we will take care of even the most awkward or unwieldy of pieces. Although, some furniture and other items, really wasn’t made for moving. Nevertheless, why not show these bits and pieces a thing or two? Don’t go selling your heirlooms to the local trader, or donating your entire wardrobe to the charity shop just yet!

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