Even if you’re facing a thrilling new opportunity, moving is undoubtedly one of the most stressful experiences you can go through. It can seem like a mountain of a task – but even mountains can be moved, one stone at a time. 

These are eXpert Man and Van’s absolute favourite sanity-saving tips for a simple move.

Think Minimal

Fewer items will contribute to less stress when it comes to packing – so, start with your wardrobe. Clothes in good condition (that you don’t need) can be sold on second-hand sites, or donated, and linens are often deeply appreciated by animal rescues. 

Moving through the rest of the house, focusing on outdated paperwork, and any knick-knacks that don’t hold any sentimental value. You may even feel lighter after a cathartic clear out.

Pack as if You’re Going on Holiday

A great tip is to pack a bag as if you were going on holiday. Include any medications you or family members may need. As well as enough clothes for a few days, think comfy clothes for evenings, and a smarter set of clothes if you are starting a new job or school when you arrive. 

Also, don’t forget to keep a file on hand with all your important documents. 

Get a Sitter

A sitter is well worth the investment if you’ve got little ones who are too young to help, pets who may get stressed by the excitement, or other dependents who need more attention than you can spare during a busy move.

Get Nerdy with Organisation

Go bananas!

  • Colour code your boxes with markers or stickers to avoid room crossover
  • Take an inventory of everything you own
  • Take photos of the packed boxes before you seal them to easily locate any item
  • Make a schedule for the whole week surrounding moving day

Cheat on your Packing

Don’t empty drawers, take the whole drawer out of the chest and wrap with packing plastic. Protect hanging clothing in a bin bag, tying the bag shut around the top of the hangers.

Wrap fragile items in and fill empty box space with clothes and linens. Use pots and pans to hold small items. Save on boxes by packing suitcases and backpacks. 

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Try not to water in the days before the move to reduce the overall weight. Gently gather any stems, leaves, and branches you can and secure loosely with gardening twine. Then wrap the plant itself in gardening fleece. 

You can either place the pot in a snug box, or wrap in bubble wrap, taking care to avoid rounding the bottom of the pot which could potentially cause falls. 

Large Items

Other large items such as lamps, pictures, aquariums, and other delicate items will need extra protection

Consider the size and shape of the item, including any protruding parts. Then carefully wrap in your chosen packing material making sure to fill any voids and give extra coverage around corners. Wrap lids, and stoppers separately and secure to your item with tape. 

Finally, bend some cardboard around your item and secure it well with plenty of tape. 

Know Your Packaging

Suitcases, laundry baskets, and drawers are all free, and strong containers for moving delicate items a short distance. Make sure to put heavier items in the smallest possible boxes.

Clothing, linens, scrap card and paper are excellent for filling voids inside and around items. 

Clearly mark all boxes with fragile items using stickers and markers. Don’t rely on colour coding your boxes as not all your helpers may be aware of your system. 

Now you know how to prepare and package your sensitive items, why not allow eXpert Man and Van to help you take to the road? Call now for a free quote.