Moving is already stressful, but when it comes to your glassware and other fragile items things can get positively nerve-wracking!

Here’s a few tips on how you can avoid a nail-biting experience with your sensitive bits and pieces.

Know Your Items – and How to Move Them!


Televisions can be wrapped in blankets or large towels before loading. For extra protection, you can cut open an unsealed box and secure it over the blankets with plenty of tape. 


Dividers are key for safely packing stemware. If you can’t get hold of dividers you can either wrap each glass in newspaper, bubble wrap, slide each glass into a sock. 

Double up for thin socks or extra special glassware. Remember to fill any spaces inside or around the glasses with extra packing material.


Pack plates in smaller sturdier boxes using extra tape or even string to secure the base. You can save on limited box space by layering plates and their dividers in a sturdy suitcase.


Try not to water in the days before the move to reduce the overall weight. Gently gather any stems, leaves, and branches you can and secure loosely with gardening twine. Then wrap the plant itself in gardening fleece. 

You can either place the pot in a snug box, or wrap in bubble wrap, taking care to avoid rounding the bottom of the pot which could potentially cause falls. 

Large Items

Other large items such as lamps, pictures, aquariums, and other delicate items will need extra protection

Consider the size and shape of the item, including any protruding parts. Then carefully wrap in your chosen packing material making sure to fill any voids and give extra coverage around corners. Wrap lids, and stoppers separately and secure to your item with tape. 

Finally, bend some cardboard around your item and secure it well with plenty of tape. 

Know Your Packaging

Suitcases, laundry baskets, and drawers are all free, and strong containers for moving delicate items a short distance. Make sure to put heavier items in the smallest possible boxes.

Clothing, linens, scrap card and paper are excellent for filling voids inside and around items. 

Clearly mark all boxes with fragile items using stickers and markers. Don’t rely on colour coding your boxes as not all your helpers may be aware of your system. 

Now you know how to prepare and package your sensitive items, why not allow eXpert Man and Van to help you take to the road? Call now for a free quote.