At eXpert Man and Van, the loads we help you with may vary. Moreover, each customer is assured of a reliable service from a team who have transported all sorts of goods. Furthermore, goods of various dimensions and value! Important to remember that you should have a very good care of your valuables on the move.

Indeed, when it comes to moving valuable items, it’s advisable to take some precautions and choose packing materials carefully. Some items may not have high price value but are priceless in terms of sentimental value. Of course, some items may be worth a fortune and may be heirlooms. At eXpert Man and Van, everything is treated with care and respect. Prior to the day of removal, there are some things which are recommended  to give you extra peace of mind.

Make Yourself an Inventory!

Valuables on the move

When moving valuable items, which are often in use or on display, probably the first things you would think of, is packing up. Protective covers and containers will need to be of a good fit and robust enough to tolerate handling. It’s a good idea to make an inventory so that you can prepare all valuables on the move. It may be necessary to put items into groups and some may share a container for transportation, for example.

Examples might include jewellery, watches, stamps, coins, crystal, silver, china, designer clothes, antique toys, books, models, train sets, photographs, paintings and musical instruments, for example. It’s easy to see from this list that items will vary in size, shape and weight. In additon, this will also affect the protective coverings and storage containers! So why not try to plan how many boxes, bags or crates you might need and if necessary measure large items, to ensure you have adequate space.

Further Preparations

You may consider buying specialist materials, such as rolls of bubble wrap or vacuum bags. DIY shops often sell fold up boxes made of cardboard or preformed plastic containers with lids. If all else fails, you can always ask the eXpert Man and Van team to take care of it all for you!

Keep a list of the individual valuable items on the move and any paper records you have that refer to their purchase, or value. For some specific valuables you may need historical documents or verification papers. In addition any hallmarked items, stamps, seals, guarantee documents, receipts, valuations and insurance documents may need to be filed. Also, for additional security security, it may be beneficial to photograph them all on a smartphone or other device. Alternatively, you may scan or photocopy them, but try to keep at least one copy of the originals, in some other format.

Before you move any valuables, it’s advisable to check that, specific items are named on your insurance policy and that there is adequate insurance cover for carriage. Also, remember to check that your insurance is up to date!

Do not keep all copies of the documentation with the items. You may have prepared a priority box, in which sensitive important documents can be stored. Alternatively, you may keep special documents in a safe or briefcase.

Wrapping and Containers – A Bit More Detail

moving valuable items wrappingAs mentioned above, various methods of packing and materials are available and it’s likely you will already have some materials in your home. Sellotape, string, labels, tissue paper, cardboard boxes and even cake tins or locking bags/boxes, are a good start. Also, items which have been used or on display, such as silver, crystal and china, will need to be cleaned, polished and protected.

It is worth to mention that, removable lids, such as on teapots, should be wrapped separately and sellotaped on top of the body of the vessel. They may as well be stored in a secure space close to its partner. Got lots of cutlery? A handy tip is to roll each item individually in a tea towel. It’s possible to roll up to 20 pieces of cutlery in one tea towel by turning the fabric just enough to cover them. Once your rolled tea towel is full, secure at the top and bottom with a rubber band.

Wrapping ornaments in newspaper and/or bubble wrap is easy – and special waterproof boxes can also be great to have on hand. Moreover, any books, photographs and paintings should be kept dry and special attention may be needed to keep them separate from the bulk of the move.

Any jewellery, you may have, may already be stored in their own boxes, though you may feel it is wise to encase these in protective cardboard or plastic, or even in a lockable bag.

Clocks or any items with moving parts may need to be taken apart and stored in special boxes or containers on route. Try and keep the boxes you originally bought things with – that’s the key, here!

A Note About Security

It is a good idea to be discreet about your plans to move. Burglars love finding ready packed and stacked valuables! ’For sale’ signs advertise the forthcoming availability of a property. However some neighbours may inadvertently tell someone that your property is unoccupied or give away your intended date to move. It is wise to avoid giving away too much information which can lead to theft!

moving valuable itemsAt eXpert Man and Van, we offer complete security and safety from A to B. You can be sure that we will take care of your valuables on the move, as good as possible. Not only that, but we will also offer you as much support and guidance as you need, when getting set up. We understand that our customers are going to need to transport some very sensitive items. So rest assured, we will take the security and stability of your move exceptionally seriously.

Therefore, if you are thinking about moving property and have a stack of valuables to move, you would most certainly need an extra protection. Indeed now is the time to get in touch with eXpert Man and Van. Why not contact us and find out more about how we can help?

Otherwise, you can go ahead and grab your removal quote online. It is really that simple. We want to be your end to end support with everything on the move. Time to call in the experts!

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