When you think of people moving home, it’s easy to assume that they will normally consider moving to a bigger property. This isn’t always the case! For example, plenty of people choose to actually cut down on the space they live in. One great reason is that it’s simply easier to manage a smaller home like a bungalow, and for those with mobility concerns, the smaller the property – and the fewer stairs there are – the better. Quick and easy guide to downsizing is sometimes far more valuable, than anything else.

Downsizing is, for example, really popular with couples and individuals who are looking to retire. For example, their children may have flown the roost, and they may not need all the space they have left over! In many cases, it actually works out cheaper to move somewhere smaller. It costs less money to power and run, and there’s less floor to hoover and clean, too!

House Move Planning Tips, Guide to downsizing

But how do you even start downsizing? What are some top tips you can put into action to help make things run smoothly from the get-go? Here at eXpert Man and Van, we work hard to make sure that all our customers move safely and comfortably into a variety of properties and homes – of all shapes and sizes! Here are a few quick tips we’ve put together to help you get up and moving to a smaller domicile.

Take Things Slowly – But Soon

The moment you know that downsizing is going to be a sure thing for you / you and your partner, you’re going to need to start looking at any possessions you have in your current space – and considering what you want to do with them. Even if it seems as though you don’t have many items of clothing or bits of furniture that you need to be moved on or sold, it may surprise you when everything adds up. If you have a fairly large home, even a few bits and pieces in each room are going to collate into something of a pile by the end of sorting!

The sooner you start in sorting out your possessions, furniture and otherwise, the better. However, you shouldn’t rush into things if you can help it. It’s much easier, and less stressful, to take things at a steady pace. The last thing you want to be doing is rushing around on moving day, realising you have stacks of possessions that you should have gotten rid of weeks ago! Planning ahead, and taking as much time as you can, is absolutely crucial.

Think About Storage

guide to downsizing

Important part in our guide to downsizing is the external storage. If there are a few bits and pieces that you really can’t bear to get rid of, but you really won’t

have room for in your new property, it’s well worth thinking about setting up an external storage locker or facility. You could pay a regular fee for bit items such as furniture to be held for you, meaning that providing you budget accordingly, you could cut down easily on what’s clogging up your existing space – without having to say goodbye to items for good.

Of course, storage is going to mean an extra expense for you, and that ultimately means things might not be as cheap for you as you may have anticipated. Therefore, take the rough with the smooth – if you really don’t want to get rid of a few bulky pieces, pay to have it held over for you providing you are within budget to do so!

Be Ruthless

Unfortunately, as the saying goes, ‘you can’t take it with you’ – in this case, we are referring to not being able to take everything from a bigger property down to a smaller bungalow or flat! Therefore, we’re afraid you’re going to have to be seriously ruthless when cutting down on your items and possessions.

This means working to absolutely NO maybes. Maybe piles are dangerous – they seem innocent at first, but they can build and build and build, often overpowering and outgrowing bin piles and keep piles! Therefore, you should make sure that you are definite about all the possessions you sort through. Do you really need that old, worn piece of bed linen from 1972? There are going to be some things which have sentimental value, of course, but if you are serious about downsizing for good, this is going to be leeway you’ll have to make for yourself!

One of the best things you can do is look for duplicate items. Yes – there are going to be all kinds of things you will likely want or need copies of, but if there are a few items that really should be standalone, it might be a good idea to bring things down to size with the downsizing guide.

Sell, Sell, Sell

Guide to downsizingA great way to justify getting rid of a few of the bigger or more awkward items in your home is to sell them on. What better way to take care of two problems at once? You could drum up some serious new house money that you can reinvest in decorating, for example! While selling some of your furniture and personal belongings might not always be pleasant thing to do is one of the vital steps in the downsizing guide, that you must take.

Online services such as eBay, Gumtree and facebook, make it really easy for you to get some of your unused items or bits of furniture that are clogging up your space up and away. Every little helps, and when it comes to downsizing, it is surely better to get those unnecessary bits of clutter moving than to have to haul everything across.

Get yourself a little bit of spending money that you can easily repurpose and reinvest in something fun – why not?

Don’t Panic

Downsizing can be just as big an upheaval as moving to a bigger property, believe it or not! However, there are no real reasons why it should ever cause you extra stress and strain. Therefore, why not consider setting up a plan of action to get your possessions downsized too – so that you can easily move across?

eXpert Man and Van will always be here to help you move to your ideal home, whether you are looking to make in a mansion, or break to a bungalow on the coast! Our guide to downsize will help you to cut down your costs.

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