It’s safe to say that the coronavirus pandemic, also known as COVID-19, has changed life for many people all over the world. It’s changed the way that millions of people work, as well as how we socialise and even manage our day to day lives. As you can imagine, it has also meant that moving home safely has needed to change a little, too.

But how can you safely move home during the pandemic? Is it worth holding off until after things have returned to normal to move? Maybe not, particularly as – at the time of writing – we’re still not sure when vaccines will arrive, or when the pandemic will start coming to any kind of end.

Therefore, we wouldn’t say you should put your moving home plans on hold if you are striving to get to a new property sooner rather than later. However, what we must advise is that you take as much care as you can. Even if you are not in an ‘at risk’ group, there is still a chance that you could harm those who are by spreading the virus without realising it!

Here are a few quick tips to keep in mind when moving home during these difficult times.

Get Help From a Responsible Team

Moving Home Safely During the COVID-19 PandemicThe team at eXpert Man and Van is fully aware of all the necessary safety precautions we need to work by to help keep our customers safe during the pandemic. We will consult carefully with you before we start packing up and moving items for you. Therefore, if you have any specific needs, for example if you are in an at risk group, we will be sure to implement additional measures to ensure your safety.

However, we are already safe and responsible movers! This means that we will strive to keep to social distancing measures as lined out by the government. Keeping you safe is important – and it is just as important that we keep our team safe, too. Therefore, if you are self-isolating as a result of positive testing or otherwise, please do let us know far ahead of time.

Go As Virtual As You Can

If you’ve not yet cemented your home move as far as actually picking the right property, there’s still time to view households on a virtual basis! During the pandemic, estate agencies and home sellers have gotten really creative, and have opened up homes and domiciles which you can take virtual tours of online.

This actually gives you a lot more detail than you might imagine. Virtual tours have come a long way in recent years, which means you’re as close to actually physically being in a property as possible.

However, if you do want to attend home viewings, just take simple precautions. Wear a face mask, as outlined by the government, if you are meeting agents or other property owners. Make sure to sanitise your hands, too, if you handle any doorknobs or public fittings that are likely to have seen plenty of hand traffic!

Offer Plenty of Space

As you may well have noticed by now, social distancing can be really difficult sometimes! Daily activities and socialising which would normally be taken for granted now have to take place at a distance. This goes for packing up and moving home safely, too!

Therefore, when you arrange for packers and movers to help you clear out your home to move away, be sure to give experts as much space or room as possible. A good idea might be to clearly pack everything up and to label boxes, and then leaving it all in a clear room with the avenue for packers to head through and pick up without coming into close contact with you.

This also means that you will benefit from our team’s fantastic, autonomous pickup service. You can simply leave all of the nitty-gritty in packing and moving to us. Social distancing means that you can stand right back and go about the final bits of moving planning, making sure everything is cleared out and good to go, while we load up our van and hit the road.

Ask for Support

As mentioned, eXpert Man and Van has a series of procedures in place to help make things safer for our customers and clients. This means that you can be sure we will be following the rules laid out by the government as closely as possible. If you’re really not sure about what to expect when it comes to packing up and moving during COVID-19, it’s always a good idea to ask for help and advice from the people who are going to help you the most.

Unfortunately, this line of business and service is always likely to call for close contact. However, we’ve adapted our services to make sure that we restrict the potential transmission of viruses as much as possible. Again, if there is anything in particular we can do to help make things safer for you on the big day, then we will always be happy to make arrangements with you.

We are all unsure when the pandemic will end, which is why keeping vigilant and striving to be as safe as possible makes perfect practical sense. Fingers crossed, these will be adaptations that we only have to make – collectively as people – for a little while longer. We really appreciate all that you do, too, to help keep our team protected!

Set Up a Safely Moving Home

Moving Home Safely During the COVID-19 PandemicIt’s time to start thinking about moving home safely in the modern age. This means focusing on looking after yourself as well as others. Social distancing may be awkward at times, but it’s become a necessary way to ensure that you restrict harming the people around you.
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