If you are preparing for ‘the big day’, when you are moving home (or even office), you might have a series of plants that you need to be especially careful with. It’s important to have help on side to make sure that your leafy friends are able to survive the journey! Let’s take a look at some points for you to consider when moving home and your house plants.

Planning Ahead

Having fixed a date for the removal, you will probably have already decided how many plants will be taking with you. In addition, already in your mind’s eye, decided where they will fit in their new home!
Fitting them into a van is usually easy but preparation and planning beforehand can save time loading them up. In addition good packing will ensure they arrive healthy and intact!

If you are keen on plants and already give yours a lot of attention, you will know if they are fragile or tough! Your experience will help you decide if they need lots of light and/or water. Also, if you are already providing them with external supports, for example, canes.

If space is not an issue in the van and if their journey is relatively short, transportation on the day should prove to be quite simple! However, on the other hand, the van is likely to be full or space limited, dimensions are definitely going to need consideration.

Your expert arriving with your eXpert Van will know exactly how to handle your plant life with care. You can help plan for this before it arrives by considering our points below!

Containers and Supports

Moving Home and House Plants - Beginners GuideSmall to medium sized pots of lightweight material, such as plastic, are easy to lift. They are also waterproof and generally strong enough to resist bumps and packing. If pushed too hard, even strong plastic can ‘crease’ or fracture. This why, you may decide to pop small pots in a bag, or even cover them in bubble wrap. Packing is essential for every moving home with house plants too.

Terracotta or other pottery can be very sturdy but a little outside protection could be beneficial to avoid ‘chips’. Any pots with a drainage hole in the bottom should be covered. Especially if plants have been given a drink prior to being lifted. Apart from wishing to avoid dripping over other materials or items in the van, you won’t want to wet the first surfaces your plants are placed on.

Round containers can take up more space than square or rectangular containers. Especially if you wish to pack them in boxes to avoid them ‘rolling’! A useful tip to secure a number of small pots is to gather them together in a larger box or crate.

If you have time before you move, save the inner cardboard tubes from kitchen roll. Longer ones from wrapping paper or even little ones from toilet tissue! Place the individual pots close together in the box or crate and then simply pop those cardboard ‘sleeves’ between the pots. The taller the containers, the taller the tube, and this will help secure them and avoid damage to plants or pots. If you don’t have enough cardboard tubes, try rolling up newspapers or magazines. You can use a rubber band to secure them, before slotting them between the containers as above.

What About Taller Plants?

If you are moving tall plants, with or without cane supports, it is a good idea to gently restrict their movement in transit. Stems can easily become scarred or damaged to the point of snapping –  if they need securing, small lengths of string may do the job, if canes are already in place, you may wish to put a few rows of string from top to bottom to encase the plants.

For example, rubber plants take years to grow, however they are very fragile and can be irreversibly damaged in a heartbeat. Extra support can enable them to begin life in their new home as beautiful as they left their last one!

More Complex House Plant Demands

Another reason to secure some plants is for self protection! For example, yuccas and some cacti have needle sharp points which can hurt handlers! Stakes and film surrounding them in transit is more for the protection of you and your movers , than the plants!

If you have indoor hanging baskets, these may be secured in a box or crate as mentioned above. Also, just as canes support vertical growth, you may need to support the trailing stems of plants in baskets. For example, spider plants send out leggy shoots which are very decorative. However, once snapped will either need propagating or they will die.

You may choose to remove these long trailing tendrils and ‘root’ them in water to create more smaller plants. If you prefer to keep the long tendrils in situ, then here’s another tip for long journeys! Gently gather all the trailing parts of the plant and if long enough, place them to one side of the pot.

After cutting the cardboard tubes vertically, either sellotape the cut sides of a single tube. As an alternative you can gather a number of tubes and line them up side by side and sellotape the group together, near to the ‘Mother Plant’. On arrival, all you need to do is cut the tubes away and the stems will return to their natural position.

Final Points to Remember when Moving Home with House Plants

Moving Home and House Plants - Beginners GuidePlants can survive up to a few days without daylight or water but it is best to not overstress them. Moving them a short distance by van shouldn’t be a problem, but long distances can cause issues. You should consider the season as extreme temperatures can be amplified in the back of a van.

As most plant lovers know some tender houseplants can be very sensitive to temperature changes. For example, drought loving cacti will hate being watered prior to a long journey in winter, when the van is likely to be cold!

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