Moving to a new home can be stressful. However, forward planning can help you adjust when you arrive at your new home! A major part of the packing process when moving is your wardrobe. Over time we often collect signature pieces, for the fashion savvy among us. Some of those pieces may be delicate, awkwardly shaped, or otherwise difficult to pack.

It’s likely you will have more clothes, shoes and bags than you estimated! When it comes to packing things up for removal day it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Let’s take a look at how we can make this task easier!

A bit like packing for a holiday, planning ahead is key. In particular if you are starting a new job or school, or have a special event such as a wedding soon after you arrive. Whether packing for yourself, a partner, or a family, a logical planned approach, will save time and frustration at your new destination.

What Will You Need On Arrival?

Local House Removals Near Me moving and your wardrobeThe first step is to consider what you will need to wear once you arrive! Regardless of how far you’ve travelled, you will need a good night’s sleep. First thing to consider about your wardrobe when moving is this. Often good suggestion is packing an overnight bag. A change of clothes, pyjamas, a bathrobe, slippers and a toilet bag with all your nightly essentials. Any medications are all things to bear in mind. This will save you searching for comfy leisurewear and your toothbrush!

In your overnight bag, you’ll also want to consider what you’ll need for the next couple of days. Some of the most important items which are often left out of overnight bags are uniforms, and medication! Packing a couple of outfit changes in your overnight bag means you can get straight to work unpacking.

Organising and Emptying Your Wardrobe.

It is best to make a game plan for emptying your wardrobes. By considering what containers you have at your disposal and what you will need to acquire. Below are suggestions for a methodical and easy way to remove, pack and label items. Let’s take a look…

1. Start by having a clear out.

One of the initial stages regarding your wardrobe when moving is to clear out all of old and unwanted items. No need to keep piling off your clothes and shoos. If yo really have no good reason to keep any item you haven used in the past 18 months – get rid of it. Sell, Donate or Recycle any clothing you no longer need.

2. Gather together your boxes and bags.

In addition you should have a notepad, pen, sellotape and sticky labels for quick and easy identification. Make sure to make your notes on the labels whilst still on their backing film! This avoids any risk of ink leaking through the paper, or potentially piercing through the label with a ballpoint.

3. Consider if you are taking any drawers

Drawers that are already packed will saves you a lot of time. You may, as well ask an eXpert Man and Van to help, as they loads the van. This way you will have enough space for you to put some drawers back inside their housing, to be removed at the other end and replaced directly, once the casing is in situ! Please note that, it may not be the safest option as items may move during transit. But if you are short of time and space, it could be the most time efficient or help if you have been unable to source enough storage containers.

4. Pack your footwear.

Popping footwear back into the original boxes is a great idea where possible. You may even find that flat shoes like ballerina pumps and flip flops can sometimes share a box.

If you haven’t kept the original boxes, you can buy specialised shoe and boot boxes or use cardboard boxes and wrap shoes to protect them from scuffs. You can use newspapers or magazines (remember to remove the staples because these might scratch). Also, do remember to stuff boots and expensive shoes which can otherwise lose their shape by being squashed!

Luggage and clothes

A handy space saving way to stuff shoes and boots, is to use socks, tights, leggings or even dusters!

5. Handbags and luggage

Unless used for packing other items, these should be stored in a similar way to footwear. Fill any bags which may need support to hold their shape and void crushing. Small bags and purses might fit inside larger ones!

6. Clothes

You have a few options when it comes to the organisation here. We recommend arranging your clothes by season. For example, at the height of summer, winter woollens and heavier clothes could go in a suitcase which may not need emptying for weeks!

If you are packing for several people it’s a great idea to keep all the clothes belonging to one person together. If you want to go the extra mile, you can colour code the boxes and bags!

When moving your wardrobe, some clothes may be left on hangers. Also they can be carefully moved in specialised carriers, in particular suits, coats, evening clothes, and formalwear.

It is also possible to buy folding wardrobes! These are usually made of cardboard and come flat packed with a door at the side and a  metal bar which is fitted towards the top, held in position at either side and provides a sturdy rail on which to suspend your clothes.

If you can’t find a folding wardrobe or want to save a little cash and don’t mind ironing, you can gather clothes still hanging in your wardrobe in bin bags. Leave the hanger hooks visible and tie the bag closed around them. This keeps the clothes clean, and makes them really easy to hang in bulk in your new place. Just don’t accidentally throw them out!

Vacuum bags are another great solution. You can easily compact larger items such as bulky jumpers and coats which will save you lots of space.

7. Folding clothes as you would after ironing

Moving Wardrobe, folding clothesThis is an easy way to organise clothes in groups. Apart of helping you having neat wardrobe before moving, it will also e a good space saving practice during the actual move. Shirts, dresses and tee shirts form neat piles of similar shapes and can be stored flat, without need to re iron them at the other end of your journey!

Your eXpert Man and Van will be on hand to carefully load and unload your bags and containers having ensured they have all been transported in an orderly safe fashion! eXpert Man and Van will also provide free removal quotes and you can rely on their expertise to look after your personal items which deserve special care. Grab yourself an online man and van quote now, or call our team and we’ll help you in any way we can.

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