With or without the recent events in relation to the global pandemic, brexit and other, when it comes to moving in to a new property, you have to find the best way of doing it. Majority of the customers are preferring to get in touch with a local removal company. This why their preferred search is “man with a van near me”. Hence it important to find the reliable local removal company, let’s explore the best practice to do that.

Search Online for “man with a van near me”

man with a van near me - SearchYes, it is the most obvious way of how we all find new things nowadays. Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and many others, usually provide good results, in order to display the most relevant pages to your query. However, in all of the above search engines, you will be able to see some paid adverts. They usually apper on top and below the organic search results. Moreover this is where removal companies are placing their ads. They are all aiming to show their service in front of the targeted audience. In this case to people searching for “man with a van near me”.

Searching the world wide web, in most cases do provide you with a relevant results for man with a van. Even the paid adverts you see on the top and bottom of the page would in most cases show exactly this. However, it is not a guarantee that this removal companies are actually local to you. This why you should look deeper.

Search online on the Map

The most appropriate way to find about the physical location of man and van firms is to try to locate them on the map. The same search platform, as mentioned above would have their online map versions. There is where businesses can register their activity and appear there. The most popular map platforms are Google Maps & Bing Maps. Once you choose the map platform that is suitable for you, just type in the search bar “man with a van near me”. Unless you’ve deliberately hid your location from the search engine, it will show the most relevant man with a van businesses around you.

This method would certainly show you the closest removal companies, which are physically located nearby. Important to understand that while there could be quite a decent man with van around you. The best and most reliable man with a van may not necessarily live access the street.

Hint: Check rating and reviews

man with a van near me - reviewsWhile you are searching for the local removal companies in your area, there is usually rating from a previous customers, that have rated them under each result. As you would need to get in touch with the best local removal company, it is important to check what other client have said about them. So, in order to shortlist the right man and van companies for you, you would nee to take the rating in to consideration. Nevertheless, the main goal is to get the best man with a van among many.

There are also other review platforms such as Trustplot, Reviews, as well as many others, where you can check for any relevant reviews for the shortlisted removal companies. It is important to note, that the specialised reviews websites are usually paid platforms. Companies or individuals are actually paying money for their services. This in our opinion could put quite a big question mark on how genuine are the reviews displayed there. Also, as they are paid platforms, the shortlisted companies, may not actually have any presence there.

Search for “man with a van near me” in business directories

There are number of business directories that can give you a relevant results, when you look for man with a van near me. The most popular ones, perhaps are Yell, My Builder, Rated People, Check a Trade, and so on. Most of this websites would actually appear on the search results, as they would have quite a vast content related to your search. Especially when it comes to offering a various types of services to the local customers. Any of the above websites would usually show the traders and businesses that covers your area. However, lets’ mention his once more, it is not necessary the companies to be physically located around you.

Another key point is that all of this directories offer paid positions. by all means searching for “man with a van near me” would show relevant results. However they may not be objective. Some of the companies, could only have basic listing information displayed there. While others could spend good amount of money, only to appear on top position. Then of course, there could be a very reliable man with a van, which simply does not use their paid services. Therefore they will not appear in certain business directories at all.

Search in Social Media platforms

man with a van near me - Social Search

Nowadays, the usage of the social media platforms is beyond what anyone could even imagine 15 years ago. With the easy access in fast developing technology and ever-growing internet speed, social media is a good place for many individuals and professionals to show and offer their services. Most of the well established man and van removal companies would have their presence in social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. important to understand is that searching for “man with a van near me”, directly on the search bar in those platforms may not give you a relevant results though. However, some of the companies you’ve already shortlisted may appear there, so you can check their social presence and what people are saying about them.

Ask local people

One of the most accurate and trusted way of finding reliable tradesman is local recommendations. Asking your neighbours, that has recently moved in, about the removal company they’ve used is a good start. They can share their entire experience about the removal process.

You can also ask your local community for recommendation and advise. One easy way of doing it is via social media. Most users contributing in particular local groups will be quite happy to share their thoughts and past experience. At the end of the day, we all know that the most valuable recommendation comes from word of a mouth.

Check Local Newspaper

While printed newspapers are far less commonly used, in comparison of their online equivalents, usually they would provide some valuable information about local companies. Your nearby man with a van could have placed their printed advert in the local paper. Furthermore most of the local printed papers also offer particular discounts to a local people. So why not take advantage on it.

NOTE: When you are doing an online search for “man with a van near me” from your PC, Laptop or mobile device, you must allow the device to get access to your location (GPS). Some devices could get your location using the mobile or broadband network. However the most relevant result would only be displayed if the search engine knows where exactly you are.

Look for Versatile Services

In addition, in order to find quality removal service, while you are looking for man with a van near me, it is important the company you hire to offer variety of removal services. Also important is the chosen man with a van service to offer the right size of vehicles, for your house move. This could be very subjective, as you may move a tiny studio flat or three story house. One thing is certain, you would need decent size van for your removal. Sometimes Large Transit Van, could do the job, however, if you ask the eXperts, it is always  valuable to think big. Generally speaking, the bigger, the better. For the same reason choosing to hire Luton Van with driver is always good idea. many companies offer discounted rates on their biggest size van.

moving valuable itemsApart of this, another important thing to consider is the flexibility of the company. By all means, the right removal company would be able to offer services like single item removal, local and long distance removals, as well as nationwide removals. In addition to that some companies would even be able to offer international removal services.

Also important is that your “man with a van near me” should offer loading and unloading service, apart of just hiring a van and a driver. In fact majority of the man with a van companies in London do offer this. However, some would charge you an extra fee for this, while the other would have it included with in their standard rates. This could make a big difference when you are seeking good value for money.

Look for easy booking

Indeed, when it comes to reasonable and reliable company, transparency and straightforward booking, should be one of the first things you should take in consideration. Evermore, you don’t really need a complicated terms and conditions, with a bunch of hidden fees and charges. Nevertheless, if you ever get in touch with such company, we would advise you to simply walk away. Whatever they promised you, it would not be worth at the end. With this in mind you better seek an simplified and easy booking system, where you will be able to get an online quote for a man with a van service and book your removal as simply as possible. Important to understand is that only the best man with a van in London would be able to cover all the checkpoints.


eXpert Man and Van Luton VanThere are indeed number of ways to look for “man with a van near me”, as mentioned above. Indeed, in most cases you will get some relevant results, either via paid or organic search. Nevertheless, it could be a good idea to combine two or more of the above methods. This way you could see if you there is a local man with a van company that stands out. Important to remember that supporting local tradesman and local business, is for sure good for the community you are living in. However sometimes the most reliable removal company may not be necessarily local to you. Although, if you consider to look a bit further, there are most certainly very reputable removal companies. Most of them would be more than happy to cover your area.

This applies to eXpert Man and Van as well. While covering all parts of London and surrounding areas, our company always aim to deliver the best value for money in Home & Office removal service. Professional and experienced man with a van service is what we’ve been specializing in, in the past decade. Even though our company may not be physically located near you, the nature of our business is to transport items from one address to another. We’ll be more than happy to travel to any destination across London and why not the entire UK. Our very competitive rates and prices will guarantee the most affordable removal service, carried by professional man with a van.

Hence you are looking for “man with a van near me”, why not get an instant quote for removal, from professional company. Our experienced team will be more than happy to carry everything, exactly as per your requirements.

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