Even with the best will in the world, and with a real brain for planning and organisation, getting packed up and moving is going to create a few concerns. One of them, of course, is financial! Not only have you made a point to set up a new mortgage or rental agreement for your new property, but also you’re going to need to think about other important details. In this occasion you would need to consider taking time off work, how much fuel you’ll need to get from A to B, and setting up all of the new utilities and services at the other end. Perhaps you’ve already heard that a man and a van save money for their customer, but lets explore, how exactly this works.

Local House Removals Near Me how can man and van save money for youFirst to remember is that there are always going to be a non planned expenses, which will cost you some money. That’s unavoidable. However, when you work with a leading man and van London, you might find that the price you pay for your move is much less than you anticipate. Let’s take a look at just how much money a man and van could save you – potentially!

Save Money on Fuel

Think about how much you need to move from points A to B. If you’re thinking of doing it all yourself, then you’re likely to be spending a lot of money on petrol or diesel. If you only have a family car or smaller, then you may need to do several trips back and forth.

Depending on how far away you are moving, this cost can really rack up. Think about how many times you’d have to fuel up! Unfortunately, petrol and diesel costs rarely get much cheaper. This means that you are going to need to set aside some of your pounds, just for the privilege of driving everything from A to B.

When you hire a man and van, however, there’s much less petrol to worry about. Our affordable rates cover the cost of pickup, carrying and drop-off. by all means we will arrive with a big enough vehicle to do it all in as few trips as possible. Furthermore you won’t have to pay for every fuelling stop.

Yes – you’ll likely need to convoy with us so that you can arrive at the new property simultaneously, but that’s only ever likely to be a single drive out. There’s no backwards and forwards!

How Can Man and Van Save you MoneyMan And Van Save Time Away From Work

If you’re having to arrange and undertake your home move yourself, with your own vehicle and under your own steam, then you will probably need to take some time away from work. There’s not only the prospect of this being difficult in the first place, but you could potentially lose money, too.

If you have no holiday hours or days left on your sheet for the year, you may have to take unpaid leave. Depending on how long it is going to take you to cover the whole of your move, this could mean missing out on some serious income. In additional, you could be running your own business, and need to take several days out of generating revenue just to move to a new house. This is potentially very costly.

With eXpert Man and Van, you will be able to save time and money on your big move. We will arrange a flexible day or period with you so that your entire move is covered as efficiently as possible. What might take you two or three days may only take us a fraction of the time!
What’s more, we can also take on the packing up for you, too. This, again, is time and money that you will potentially lose out on. Therefore, why not make an efficient use of your cash and your time available, and delegate these nitty gritty tasks to experts in your area? Indeed man and van save you time and by the same topic money.

Save Money on Little Accidents

When it comes to moving home, not everything you’re packing up is going to be able to withstand all kinds of rough and tumble. You might have priceless crockery, vases, or cherished items which are extremely fragile.

why you should move home how man and van save money for youWhen you start moving home on your own, no matter how carefully you pack your fragile items, you are entirely responsible for getting them from A to B. That means anything could happen to your irreplaceable on the route. Moreover if you might have to pay out big for some seriously expensive bits and pieces. Unless, of coarse, you have a form of efficient insurance in place.

When you choose a careful, man and a van company, however, you will have extra safety and security on your side. Careful movers such as eXpert Man and Van not only will help to delicately package and store your items in our cargo, but we will also take exceptional care on route for you.
This means that there is negligible chance you will ever have to worry about anything expensive or near irreplaceable breaking or going missing on route. That’s another potential cost saving you may not have considered before!

We always make sure to be exceptionally careful with all our consignments and deliveries. The fact is part of our guarantee lies in our careful, respectful handling and delivery of all your furniture and items. Otherwise, what would be the point of hiring a man and van at all?

Start Saving Money Now

If you’re worrying about the potential cost of moving home, there’s no need for concern. All you will ever need is a team of seasoned and careful removal experts on side, who can help you get up and away.

Consider all the potential cash that a man and van save on fuel for you, replacing items and even on taking time off work. That’s all money you could easily save to put towards improving or furnishing your new home! Think of the possibilities!

It all starts with a fantastic free quote from eXpert Man and Van. All you need to do is take a look at our online quote form now – click through, fill out a few details. You will have accurate price for your removal service in just few clicks. If you are happy with it (we are confident that you will be) One of our team members will get back in touch with confirmation for your man and van service.

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