Moving house can be exciting, but it can also be stressful. However, it’s likely to be one of the biggest and best changes you make in your life for the foreseeable. You might be downsizing or upgrading your living standards. Or, you might be choosing to move somewhere new to start a new life in our out of London. In any case, moving home really varies from case to case, and there’s likely to be plenty you might not know about the process. This is really likely if you have never moved before!

eXpert Man and Van is a team with years of knowledge in the home moving trade. We’ve been looking into ways to keep local people moving up and out for quite some time! If you’re looking forward to getting your home move sorted in the near future, here are a few interesting facts and figures which might just surprise you during preparations.

Filling Large Boxes Really is Pointless

The bigger the box, the more likely you are going to want to fill it to the top – right? That might be an obvious route to take, however, keep in mind that overfilling large boxes is going to make things pretty heavy.

The bigger the box, the more you can pack in – but filling it to the brim is just going to risk its integrity. We recommend looking at a two-thirds fill, or to avoid stacking really heavy things in large boxes. This way, you can be sure you’re making the most efficient use of your space and storage.

You’re More Likely to Moving House if You’re Younger Than 34

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While it’s not unheard of for people over 40 to move home, and especially those heading to retirement looking for a smaller or more relaxing property – but research shows that people aged between 25 and 29 are most likely to move house.

This could be an age range where people are likely to be setting up their own family homes. In fact, the age of 34 seems to be the cut-off for the majority of movers. Many people may find they are settled by this age, but all experiences are different!

Your Paperwork is Crucial

At eXpert Man and Van, we are as upfront and as transparent as possible when it comes to everything you can expect from our services. This means that there should never be any doubt over what you can expect from us!

However, it is not uncommon for home movers to disregard some of the paperwork as ‘unimportant’. This is never the case! All the paperwork we provide – terms and conditions of service, pricing and more – is crucial for you to sign and understand. Otherwise, you may enter into an agreement that might not work for you in the long run.

Most People Move in Clement Weather

This statistic just makes sense to us – moving home is likely to be easier when the weather is better. Rainy and icy conditions can make moving treacherous both for you and your moving team, meaning that it’s unsurprising most people seem to move house between May and September. In fact, around 50% of cases occur in this period.

However, that doesn’t mean people avoid moving home in winter! In fact, there are plenty of people who do. Services such as eXpert Man and Van are available to help you move, downsize, and upgrade all year round.

You’ll Probably Need Around 60 Boxes – On Average

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The number of boxes and storage crates you’ll need to take your items away is obviously going to vary. You can’t expect to pack the same number of boxes for a small flat that you would for a mansion! However, it’s thought that the average number of boxes for a house move is likely to be somewhere around 60.

That’s probably more than many people expect! Therefore, whether or not you have huge collections of stuff that you need to move to a new property, it pays to invest in plenty of boxes before you get started. Therefore, make sure to get stacked up before you start really getting into the preparations.

You Should Keep Your Records Safe

Most people who are moving house will have a nagging feeling that they have forgotten something. However, it seems that some of the most common things to get left behind or forgotten can be some of the most important.

For example, in the flurry of packing all your major physical items and clothing, you may find that you forget all about some of your more important documents. For example, these will include medical records and important data for your children. Also, make sure you have all IDs and house deed details with you.

It’s important to pack these things and to keep them with you as close as possible while you move. This way, you know you are always going to have them on side!

Some Insurance Policies Cover Moves

While eXpert Man and Van take as much care as possible with your items, it may still be worth looking into arranging insurance cover before you move. While we will cover you if we pack for you – and if the package you choose offers such a service – there are insurance policies out there which will cover your items for home moves, too.

Therefore, instead of assuming that your contents or home policy is purely going to take care of your goods in the house, check with your carrier what you can and can’t claim for. This is well worth doing for your protection!

There’s Lots to Learn!

However, help is at hand. At eXpert Man and Van, we want to make your moving house as simple as possible for you. Contact our team now to learn more or take a look through some of our further guides for additional breakdowns on what to expect.

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